Back To The Roots EP 12″ LP

KickMaSomaAss (KMSA) is a Slovak-German Record Label specialized to hardgroove techno, tribal techno and funky techno style. It was founded at the end of 2015 by 
slovakian dj and producer Andy BSK who is living in Germany. The purpose of this label is to bring so-called "Rare Techno Groove" back to vinyl, which is pushed out 
from music scene with slow bpm styles like minimal or edm. We want to bring new life to vinyl industry which is bombarded by commercial music styles and give our 
listeners the already mentioned rare techno groove. Our motto is "Vinyl Never Die" and "Real Djs Play Vinyl". After the huge success with first vinyl record called 
Centrifuge EP we decided to release our music digitally too. All fans they do not own a turntable home can buy our releases mostly in all internet stores like 
Beatport, iTunes, Juno,...amm. We cooperate with more than 12 artists from all over the world and we want in the future to release minimum 6 vinyl records yearly and 
be between the leaders on hardgroove techno music scene.

Now we want to introduce You our newest vinyl record called "Back To the Roots EP". It contains four tracks they are fully loaded with hardgroove, tribal and funky 
techno sound. The original mix is from Andy BSK and the remixes are from Wyrus, Dj Brutec and Norman Andretti aka Quarill.

The Original mix contains elements from old school techno and hardgroove techno. Fast bpm, tribal percussions and heavy bassline. Its definitely one "rare techno 
groove" what is in those days really heavy to buy on a vinyl record.

Croatian Dj and producer Wyrus has make a unique remix with a great beat and bassline. His remix is so catchy that all hardgroove techno fans will like it. Elements of 
deep and funky are combined in one great hardgroove techno track. Definitely one of his best tracks.

French Bruno Valenzuela aka DJ Brutec who is living in Granada Spain is the next remixer on this EP. For KMSA fans is Dj Brutec well known name from Centrifuge EP 
record. He has cooked for us a great hardgroove track with nice percussions and great tempo. I belive that all DJs will love his remix.

The last remix is from Hungarian music producer Norman Andretti aka Quarill. He has created countless tracks in tribal and funky techno style. His remix has a great 
bpm and the elements of deep and funky techno makes this track to one club burner for partys or afterpartys.

I hope that You are curious about our new vinyl record and want to listen to it. Use the links above to soundcloud or directly to our official website or find us on 
google, yahoo or bing using the keywords: kickmasomaass, andy bsk, back to the roots ep. We are very thankful for all feedbacks, coments and support of our releases. 
Send the feedbacks, coments to with subject: "Name Of The Vinyl Record" or "Feedback" and maybe You will be choosen for sending You our promo 
vinyl records or our mechandise.


MusicDishTV Review: “Hello” Music Video By K-Syran

“Hello,” from K-Syran’s new album “Smoke In My Veins,” is released on August 8, 2016. The new single “Hello”, is already climbing the Billboard charts, gaining #38 on Billboard Top 40.

In this music video, the international singer/songwriter K-Syran embraces the edgy social media tech. She always has a knack for putting out creative music videos. Along with the seductive dance tunes, K-Syran films a DIY music video using face filters on Snap Chat. She morphs from a puppy to a cat to a flower crown queen. The sass is definitely there in every second of the video and from the comments it seems people love this original idea.

According to K-Syran, “I think it’s a mistake to think that lyrics in dance music cannot deal with anything of substance. Dance is a form of spiritual activity for human beings throughout the history of our kind. That’s why I want my music to give audiences music that would move their bodies while engaging their minds. ” This snapchat-style clip for this hit serves as a unique breakthrough to get people in sync with catchy melody, while digesting the thought-provoking message in a way free from worry or complexity. Known for her bouncy pop artwork, the Norwegian-born star’s music has also been compared to such art rock figures as Bjork or Clodplay.


Independent Artist Holds Top 10 Billboard Position At #8

Independent recording artist Vernon Neilly, who’s musical career lists credits like legendary performers Etta James, Teena Marie, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, George
Clinton, Bobby Bland, Stevie Wonder, to mention only a few, has been on the Billboard “Hot Singles” Retail Chart for 6 consecutive weeks. Vernon’s new single “They
Don’t Care” entered the chart at #12, but has been holding fast in the Top 10 for the last 4 weeks. “They Don’t Care” has been warmly received across music genre lines
for it’s unique sound of rock and hip hop reminiscent of “Run DMC” “Red Hot Chili Peppers” “Blink 182”, and others. Vernon who has charted Billboard Top 10 previously
with his critically acclaimed award winning “G-Fire II” CD, say’s that he believes the success of the single “They Don’t Care”, and the accompanying video is because
it relates to people of all backgrounds, ethnic and social groups. He further comments that, as a global community we are all affected by crime, violence, socio-
economic collapse, climate change, and other important issues that confront mankind. Simply put “They Don’t Care” is a statement for our times now.

On the album “Outta Time”, Vernon has armed himself with virtuoso talent such as, Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson,
Jeff Beck), Doug Wimbish (Living Color, Jeff Beck), Victor Johnson (Busboys, Sammy Hagar), Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra), and others who put on a blistering sonic
display, seasoning each song appropriately.

The music is available for sale in all digital stores globally.
See “They Don’t Care” video here:


Mangled Music Collective Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary By Releasing Over An Hour Of Premium New Electronic Music

Electronic music label Mangled Music Collective is celebrating their one year anniversary by offering fans a pay-what-you-want copy of their most extensive and
prolific electronic music album to date, the self-titled “Mangled Music Collective”

After releasing four compilations in only one year, as well as numerous EPs, singles and albums from it’s worldwide group of artists, they have gained a rapidly
growing following among electronic music fans. They’ve banded together once again along with various collaborators to put together a comprehensive album of electronic
music that showcases the group’s sheer talent, diversity, and abilities as producers.

“This project has been such a big undertaking. It’s really exciting to see the whole group come together to make a truly astounding album. We’re all eager to get this
music out to our fans and see it take on a life of it’s own” said label head Michael Southard, who also produces music under the moniker Supply Fi, and his ambient
project Time Rival.

Released August 18th, with over 70 minutes of top-shelf IDM, EDM, downtempo, future bass, ambient, experimental and glitch music on offer, you can head over to the
group’s website at to stream or download the entire album. With pay-what-you-want pricing, it can be downloaded free with the option to
pay an amount of your choosing if you want to help support this talented group of artists.

If you’re a fan of any genre of electronic music, you should be following Mangled Music Collective.

Keep ROCKing It Sponsors Blind Rapper NovaCain’s Musical Journey

Keep ROCKing It (, a leading source for mixtape download and streaming, announced to music fans everywhere that blind rapper, NovaCain, is the first
artist to receive a sponsorship contract from the revolutionary website.

As oppose to offering recording contracts to artists, Keep ROCKing It is staying true to its revolutionary business model by offering independent artists sponsorships.
A sponsorship from Keep ROCKing It provides artists with financial assistance towards marketing, advertising, and promotion. In return, artists become official
spokespeople for Keep ROCKing It. With a deal structured in this manner, the sponsored artist is not bound to Keep ROCKing It and can seek a recording contract with a
major label if they choose to do so.

“In an industry where other websites simply reinvent the wheel, we dare to be different,” says Keep ROCKing It’s President/CEO Mike P. “We have created a platform for
artists to generate revenue from the release of their mixtape and/or single. In this industry, mixtapes and singles were commonly given away for free and considered
‘promotional materials.’ As we all know, recording a single and definitely recording a mixtape is not cheap. It’s not fair for an independent artist to feel obligated
to spend thousands of dollars just to give it all away for free.”

“Luckily, we found NovaCain right before desperation overcame him and he began giving away his work of art. Due to him having over 300k plays on SoundCloud, we knew
that he was a special talent and perfect to represent our company. Though we are taking a chance on NovaCain, he is equally taking a chance on us by giving us the
ability to exclusively host and sell his single ‘Snapchat Party’ through our revolutionary download feature.”
Keep ROCKing It and NovaCain have developed a unique marketing plan that allows Nova to control the vision he has for his music career. They have also agreed on the
price of one download credit per download for his single ‘Snapchat Party.’ One download credit is the monetary equivalent of $.10. NovaCain will directly receive 60%
of all revenue generated from the download of ‘Snapchat Party.’

For more information visit For updates on Keep ROCKing It’s mixtape revolution, follow the official Twitter account via @keeprockingit.

Chiarelli & Mater Enjoy Chart Success With Big Smo


GRAMMY winning mix engineer Rob Chiarelli and multi-platinum producer Jason Mater are enjoying success on multiple charts with Warner Brothers recording artist Big
Smo. According to Billboard magazine, the album “We The People” debuted this week at #13 on the Hot Country charts and at #10 on the Hot Billboard Rap charts. The
album was produced and written by Mater & Smo and was mixed by Chiarelli at Ameraycan Studios in North Hollywood, California.

Contact Info:

For the U.S.A.
Michael Mavrolas
Genuine Music Group
t. 818-693-1000

For the U.K.
Kwame Kwaten
Ferocious Talent
t. +44 755 753 1338


Raggs Gustaffe Hits #1 and Is Far From Done

Working closely with producer Sonny Cole, reggae artist Raggs Gustaffe has made a great deal of noise in his scene. Along with his work with Cole, Raggs also saw one of his songs go to number one on the Reverbnation charts and with that, he plans on making more hits in the coming months as he’s back to working with Cole on a new project.

As a producer and songwriter Cole brings a blend of reality, humor and a spicy to the table. That blend is what drew him and Raggs to working together as the artist himself sees that in himself and likes to put his best foot forward with the utmost professionalism. On top of his professionalism and talent, Raggs is more than a voice. He is also a skilled drummer who has impressed far and wide from Jamaica to New York to Germany to Spokane, Washingtin where he and his band, Bush Doktor, have performed throughout.

On and off stage Raggs brings a uniqueness to his music and it shows on his number one single “Blue Eyes.” It went to the top in Jamaica on Reverbnation on the reggae charts and proved to everyone that this was an artist worth the time.

Cole’s personal mantra towards life is “variety is the spice of life,” and with that he plans on taking his career to the next level in the coming months. Not only by continuing his work with Raggs on that upcoming release, but also working in a myriad of genres to show what he can do when put in different situations. He believes many artists have great products but not the presence to deliver it – and that’s what he brings as a producer. He wants to deliver those he works with to what he calls, “the front page.”

Those interested in working with Sonny Cole or Raggs Gustaffe can get in touch with Cole using the information provided below.

Raggs Gustaffe is a reggae artist who reached number one on the Reverbnation reggae charts, and will be working with producer Sonny Cole on his upcoming release.